Off the Range (Coming through the Rye)

Frederic Remington

American, 1861 -1909


Off the Range (Coming through the Rye)


Modeled 1902; Cast 1903

bronze with green patina

28 1/4 x 28 x 28 in.

Museum Purchase

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One of the most prominent artist-interpreters of the American frontier, Remington produced a large body of work in sculpture, illustration, painting, fiction, and non-fiction. His efforts popularized the cowboy as a national folk hero and offered vivid images of the American west. Off the Range, a lively sculpture that depicts four pistol-wielding cowboys astride their galloping horses, is the artist’s most complex sculptural group. Remington pushed the structural limits of the bronze medium, boasting to the owner of the Roman Bronze Works foundry during the casting of this sculpture: “I have six horses’ feet on the ground and 10 in the air.” The Corcoran was the first public museum to acquire Remington’s work, when Off the Range entered the collection in 1905.